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"Parrots Eat Clay"

parrots eating clay on the cliff


Why would parrots eat clay? Parrots eat a lot of fruits in the forest, particularly the succulent little embryo plants inside the hard and toxic seeds. In the process of getting into the little embryo plants they are exposed to and/or eat the plant's protective toxins called “alkaloids”. Parrots may enjoy the food without being killed by its protective alkaloids by eating clay, a detoxifier, at regular intervals. When it comes to the detoxification of dangerous toxins, clay is extremely effective.

Remember the adsorption and absorption qualities of clay? Please read those two words very carefully. They are not the same. The adsorption function of the clay particle is similar to a "Velcro®" function while the absorption function is similar to a "Sponge" function. So a toxic particle with a positive ionic charge first gets magnetically adsorbed “stuck” onto the outer surface of the clay particle and then is absorbed into the inner sections of the particle. The clay particle undergoes a swelling stage, ending up holding a large amount of toxic materials many times its original weight. Clay will hold the toxic  particle in itself until it exits the body either through the skin or in the feces.

Clay removes not only alkaloids but a host of other well-known toxins, including lead, cadmium, chromium, paraquat (widely used around the world as a very dangerous herbicide), aflatoxins (harmful byproducts of mold growth potentially fatal to people), and secondary plant products like tannic acid that are dangerous to some animals and always very toxic to humans. Please note this is only a very short list of all the toxins clay will remove from animals and people. Mother earth has provided a way to deal with the over one million chemicals to which we are exposed every minute of our lives. Just in case you did not know, the normal processed foods that we consume daily contain over 33,000 chemicals. Every hour, three new chemicals are added to the environment.


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