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About Dr. Nupponen:

 Pentti J. Nupponen, DMD, MAGD, CNC, FIAOMT

Pentti Nupponen was born in Helsinki, Finland, which was at war with Russia at the time.  His godparents, Tyyne and Valto Aarnio, were owners and operators of an internationally known pottery factory.  Dr. Nupponen still has several of the clay-based pottery items given to him long ago by his godparents. 

 When he came to the USA and was educated as a dentist, he discovered that many dental materials incorporate clay in their production, enabling some of the finest dentistry being performed today.

An outdoorsman and builder of a Pennsylvania long rifle, he learned that clay was used in that hobby as well.  

Dr. Nupponen was introduced to holistic dentistry by his patients in the early 90's, leading him to focus his practice on full-body dentistry.  This is the concept that one's dental health has a major influence on one's total health.  An important facet of holistic dentistry is understanding the importance of lifesaving detoxification.

Eventually Dr. Nupponen heard about a different kind of clay, a clay not used in pottery or metal casting.  He learned about calcium bentonite clay and its role in healing, detoxification and nutrition.  He found that this clay could help people to heal and to eliminate from their bodies some of the worst bacteria known to mankind.  He also learned, through his own research, that calcium bentonite clay plays an important part in detoxification.

He started to try different clay products with his patients and found, to his amazement, that calcium bentonite clay was more effective than anything he had tried before.  He was so impressed with the efficacy of clay that he founded DermaClay, LLC, to offer clay products to the public.  

Today DermaClay offers many clay products as well as non-clay health and beauty aids.


DermaClay LLC
Pentti J. Nupponen, DMD, MAGD, CNC, FIAOMT
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