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MRSA patient, before clay treatment
MRSA patient after clay treatment
This young lady had a MRSA infection on her cheek. After treatment with DermaClay, the infection cleared up.

"What is DermaClay?"

As planet Earth was taking shape 4.5 billion years ago, volcanic eruptions laid down a blanket of clay that now covers 80% of the earth's surface. As life began, the earliest living creatures began instinctively to use clay for their well-being, healing and nourishment.

In the days of the Roman Empire, clay was one of the main resources of doctors, who used it to heal their patients of 300 different serious illnesses.

As interest in natural health and healing has resurged, people are rediscovering the ancient secrets and healing methods of our ancestors, including the use of healing clay. When clay is combined with the latest nutritional advances, there really is hope today.



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